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Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club

Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club Welfare As part of our policies we have a welfare fund to provide help with any unfortunate feline who has found themselves in an unfortunate position. These funds are used to make sure that they receive proper veterinary attention and any expenses involved in boarding until they are fit enough to be rehomed, which is our ultimate aim.

Donations can be made in various ways:-

By sending donations (cheques and postal orders only) to Mr J Roberts, Honorary Treasurer, 41 Pennine Way, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1EW. Please make these payable to BPSCC Welfare Fund.

By purchasing items from our stalls at our own (and other) Championship shows.

Welfare funds are used to make sure that any cats that are in a need of help receive it as quickly as possible. Here's one of recent success stories:

The club was approached by one of its members who had discovered that a breeding colony of Siamese cats were being overbred and kept in appalling conditions. This person had paid a significant amount of money in order to buy out the breeder so that the felines could be rescued, but further financial help was needed in order to continue the rescue. The Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club (amongst others) contributed to save the cats. The cats had to be speyed/neutered and only one was in such poor condition that it had to be put to sleep. All the surviving cats were extremely nervous but eventually were found good caring homes. Two of the queens were pregnant and were stable enough to be allowed to continue to birth. These kittens were found good homes at a fair price and the money raised by their sale was repaid back to the contributing cat clubs.

A thank you letter has been received from another case:
Poor Lisu was seriously injured in an accident and he had a very serious broken leg. The treatment was at the Royal Veterinary College. He was carefully nursed for 12 weeks, he had large pins coming out at all angles. He spent a very long time in a special pen with Perspex sides so he could see out into the garden. Unfortunately despite a rigorous routine of cleaning pen, bedding, poor Lisu caught infections, but antibiotics eventually got this under control, but this also incurred a huge lump of vet fees. I would like to thank the BPSCC cat club so much for their generous donation towards my precious little boy's care. It is appreciated so much.

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