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Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club

Here is the Standard of Points that are used when judging at cat shows. The section is divided into 2, with general Siamese standards first and then Standard of Points for Blue-Ponited Siamese.

Siamese General Type Standard

The Siamese cat should be a beautifully balanced animal with head, ears and neck carried on a long svelte body, supported on fine legs and feet, with a tail in proportion.The head and profile should be wedge-shaped, neither round nor pointed. The eyes should be a clear brilliant blue; the expression alert and intelligent.

Head - Long and well proportioned, with width between the ears, narrowing in perfectly straight lines to a fine muzzle, with straight profile, strong chin and level bite, carried upon an elegant neck.

Ears - rather large and pricked, wide at the base, set so as to follow the lines of the wedge.

Eyes - Oriental in shape and slanting towards the nose, but with width between. They should not be deep- set. The haw should not cover more than the corner of the eye.

Body, Legs and Feet - Body medium in size, long and svelte, legs proportionately slim, hind legs slightly higher than the front legs, feet small and oval. The body, legs and feet should all be in proportion, giving the whole a well balanced appearance.

Tail - Long and tapering and free from any kink.

Points - Mask, ears, feet and tail dense and clearly defined colour, matching in basic colour on all points, showing clear contrast between points and body colour. Mask complete and (except in kittens) connected by tracings with the ears.

Coat - Very short and fine in texture, glossy and close-lying.

Colours - As per individual colour standards, any shading to appear on back and sides. Bib, chest and belly to be pale.

Type  Points
Head  15
Ears  5
Eyes  5
Body  15
Legs and Feet  5
Tail  5
Total:  50

Colour and Coat  Points
Eye Colour  15
Points Colour  10
Body Colour  15
Coat Texture  10
Total:  50

Withhold all Awards for white markings anywhere.

Faults: 1. Lack of contrast between body and points.

Blue-Point (24a) Standard

Eyes - Clear, bright,vivid blue.

Points - Light blue.All points should be the same colour.The ears should not be darker than the other points.

Body - Glacial white shading gradually into blue on the back, the same cold tone as the points, but of a lighter colour.

Nose Leather and Paw Pads - Blue.

Additional Faults: 1.Cream, fawn or self blue body colours. 2.Lack of tracings to the mask.

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