Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club

The current Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club Officers and Committee Members are as follows:-

President:Mrs L Studer
Vice-President:Mrs G Bennett
Mrs J Jones
Chairman:Mr P Kilmartin
Acting Secretary:Mrs J Hirst
Honorary Treasurer:Mrs M H Jones
Membership Secretary:Mrs J Hirst
Show Manager:Mrs L Ashmore
Welfare:Mrs J Hirst
Committee:Mr P Kilmartin
Mrs J Hirst
J Bauerfeind
Mrs L Studer
Mrs H Jones
Mrs M H Jones
Mrs T Roberts
Mrs E Brock
Mrs S Osbourne
GCCF Delegate:Mrs J Hirst
SCJAC Representative:Mrs M H Jones

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