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Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club

Louis Wain - Blue Siamese The breed has its origins as far back as 1894 with one of the first recordings of a blue-pointed siamese, a female called Rhoda (Jacob I x Zoe) who was born in that year and recorded in the Siamese Cat Register Volume I. The famous cat influenced artist, Louis Wain famously refused to recognise a blue-pointed siamese from Siam at a cat show in London. However the Siamese Cat Club did have several blue-pointed cats registered and more became registered in further years.

In the historic publication "Fur and Feather", an announcement from Mrs Cox-Ife (a supporter of the blue-pointed siamese) appeared in its 22 March 1935 edition. The announcement reads, "A club to be called the Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club, is in the process of formation and support has been promised by a number of people. The proposed annual subscription is 5/-". Mrs Cox-Ife became Honourable Secretary for the club and also delegate to the G.C.C.F.

Mrs Cox-Ife
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy officially recognised the breed on 19 February 1936, assigning the breed number 24a and in the following year, the Siamese Cat Club organised two more classes specifically for blue-pointed siamese. It should be noted however that the breed was recognised in America slightly earlier by the Siamese Society of America in 1934.

In 1944 the Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club was founded to promote the blue-pointed standard putting emphasis on glacial white coats.

As with most other cat breeds, the war years made breeding difficult with the lack of availability of imported stud cats to widen and improve the gene pool.

However by the 1960s the breed had recovered and started winning Champion and Best Exhibits in regional shows (the first was Ch Sayo of Bedale) and the breed has never looked back since.

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