Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club
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Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club Breed History The Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club wishes to apologise to Mrs Sally Franklin for unknowingly breaching her intellectual property rights to her book 'The Complete Siamese'. The Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club believed it had been given permission by the publisher of the said book and in reliance of the publisher's permission reproduced a chapter of the book on our website. We now acknowledge that consent was required from the author.

We also unreservedly apologise for the erroneous statement we placed on the website that stated that her book had been retitled, rewritten, and republished. We acknowledge that this is incorrect.

The Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club apologises for any distress caused to Sally Franklin.

You may wish to purchase the following books which contain information about the Siamese breed:-

Siamese Cat by Denise Jones
Siamese Cats by Marjorie McGann Collier

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