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An exhausting day The 24th Anniversary Show for the BPSCC was held at Wendover, on Saturday 6th August 2011.

We would like to thank our wonderful judges, vets, table workers, exhibitors, stalls, helpers and visitors for supporting our show this year. We couldn't do it without you all and appreciate everyone's help.

There were many returning exhibitors and visitors, showing their loyalty to the club, which is treasured, plus new visitors to the cat show - very exciting to see.

There was a minutes silence at the start of the show for Mrs M Kalal who sadly passed away. Mrs Kalal was the Vice-President of the the club and had judged at our show for many years.

There were a lot of success stories this year. Highlights include:

Ms Linda Dinsdale's Household Pet Pedigree Kitten STARGAZER is a genuine miracle. This little Siamese Blue Point kitten was born with "Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome" and wasn't expected to live. Her breeder and vet fought to keep her alive, tube feeding Stargazer and putting her in a cardboard tube to support her little body. Now, "Star" is 7 months old and won a 1st in her Open and Best of Breed. Wonderful, Star! Many of our breeders battle valiantly to keep kittens alive - it just goes to show that their efforts do pay off and it's nice to have a happy ending.

Mrs. Joan Pounds' own bred Gr Ch & Gr Pr JOMESE JENUINELY GORJUS (32a) received her 3rd Imperial Certificate under Dr. Bruce Bennett. Not bad for a cat who got to Grand and was then retired. Her breeder brought her out just for a bit of fun - it looks like "Georgie" is enjoying being back on the show bench! Congratulations to Georgie on becoming Best Female Neuter in Show.

ADELFAM BLUE FUSCHIA 24a, bred by Ms Linda Dinsdale and owned by Mrs. Joan Pounds continued the success for these two ladies. "Fu" got 1st in her Open and Best of Breed, plus red cards in all her side classes - culminating in Best Kitten In Show.

The Show Hall Ms. Pat Cook came to support the BPSCC show, as she has always had Blue Points - it is lovely to have her back with us again. On this occasion, she brought Ch HELSBELS LADYGAGA (32a) "Gladys" with her and was thrilled to receive her second Grand Champion Certificate, under Mrs. Grace Denny (the first was under Mrs. Janet Starr). Ms Cook is delighted to be showing this lovely girl, bred by Jackie Armstrong - and we were excited to see Gladys gain Best of Breed, Best Female Adult, Best Adult and finally Overall Best In Show. Many congratulations!

Mr. & Mrs. Miller's Gr MC JAMILA MILLER (Blue Tortieshell Sphynx) also had a great day. She gained her 5th Imperial at the show and received her 5th Pedigree Household Pet Best In Show. It would seem 5 is a lucky number for this little lady and her family!

Mrs. L. Hutchinson told me that her beautiful boy, MC BISCUIT (Ginger & White SH), was originally rescued by Ely Cats Protection and was fostered for awhile by Mr. & Mrs. Miller - Jamila's Mum and Dad! Biscuit not only got his 3rd Grand today, but had a red card day and became Best Overall Household Pet In Show. He is a credit to his owners and everyone at Ely Cats Protection who had a part in his care.

Other Ely Cats Protection success stories are Mrs. Hutchinson's IGr MC ROSINA (LH Tortoiseshell) - who won Best of Breed and her first Olympian Certificate with us today and Ms. Lewis' IGr MC MR. TIGGA (SH Tabby), who also won his first Olympian Certificate. A fabulous result for both!

Mrs. Lynne Studer was excited to share the success of her beautiful Tabby Point MAFDET STRIPEEPANTS (32 8), bred by Mrs. Carol Bowles Goody. "Stripey" won 1st and Best of Breed. This lovely girl has fabulous blue eyes!

A special mention must be made to Mrs. J. Johnson's IGr Pr ROYSTERER APRIL FOOL (24c), bred by Mrs. Dawn Williams, who is 13 years old and in incredible condition. He won his Olympian Class and Best of Breed, then finally Best Neuter In Show. It is lovely to see a more "mature" gentleman being shown - and having such great success! Congratulations to all his connections.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show and supported us in any way and special thanks to exhibitors who took the time to share their stories with me. It was an honour to hear more about your beautiful cats.

The BPSCC Committee hopes to see everyone at our show next year!

Julie-Anne Bray Show Reporter

Thank you for those people who provided photo's, more are displayed at the bottom of this page.

The pedigree winners of Best in Show are as follows:-

Best Male Adult: Imp. Gr. Ch. Pollybee Lord Roysterer (24c)
Best Female Adult: Ch. Helsbels Ladygaga (32a)
Best Adult: Ch. Helsbels Ladygaga (32a)

Best Male Kitten: No Entries
Best Female Kitten: Adelfarm Blue Fuschia (24a)
Best Kitten: Adelfarm Blue Fuschia (24a)

Best Male Neuter: Imp. Gr. Pr. Roysterer April Fool (24c)
Best Female Neuter: Gr. Ch. & Gr Pr. Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus (32a)
Best Neuter: Imp. Gr. Pr. Roysterer April Fool (24c)

BEST IN SHOW: Ch. Helsbels Ladygaga (32a)

Best Pedigree Household Pet: Gr. MC Jamila Miller
Best Non-pedigree Household Pet: MC Biscuit

Pollybee Lord Roysterer

Pollybee Lord Roysterer
Helsbels Ladygaga

Helsbels Ladygaga
Adelfarm Blue Fuschia

Adelfarm Blue Fuschia
Roysterer April Fool

Roysterer April Fool
Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus

Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus
Jamila Miller

Jamila Miller


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