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2005 Championship Show Penning Our eighteenth Championship Show was held on 6th August 2005 at the Castle Hall, Hertford.

The show had 52 entrants entered into over 120 classes with sponsored classes provided by 12 other siamese cat clubs. As with all our shows there were also classes for non-pedigree felines.

The penning was provided by Bella Penning, rosettes were by Richardsons Designs and printing was done by Tartan Hedgehog Printing Services, Sidcup.

2005 Championship Show Penning
A wonderful day was had by felines, owners and the public alike at our location for the show, the Castle Hall.

As usual we had various stalls and held our annual raffle and a sum of money was raised for welfare purposes.

It was a throughly tiring but a worthwhile day and our thanks goes to the clubs and individuals who helped to make this years show possible. An extra special thank you goes to all the owners of siamese and non pedigree felines who entered the show and allowed us to put the show on in the first place.

The pedigree winners of Best in Show are as follows:-

Best Male Adult: Gr. Ch. Roysterer Snowcharmer (24c)
Best Female Adult: Gr. Ch. Shermese Abicasa Bella (24a)
Best Adult: Gr. Ch. Roysterer Snowcharmer (24c)

Best Male Kitten: Jomese Jackthelad (24a)
Best Female Kitten: Adcinam Dorabella (32 2)
Best Kitten: Jomese Jackthelad (24a)

Best Male Neuter: Gr. Pr. Merrytail Mahesh (24a)
Best Female Neuter: Gr. Ch. & Gr. Pr. Foxtwist Tigerlady (32 3)
Best Neuter: Gr. Pr. Merrytail Mahesh (24a)

BEST EXHIBIT: Jomese Jackthelad (24a)

The non-pedigree winners of Best in Show are as follows:-

Best Neuter: Susanna (SH Tortie & White)
Best Kitten: no winner
BEST EXHIBIT: Susanna (SH Tortie & White)

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